Motion designer, dog lover and sock enthusiast...
Born in El Paso, Texas but raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
in 1987, from day one I have always been drawn into the
 world of film, television and motion in general. For the past ten
and a half years I've dedicated my profession solely to video 
production and motion graphics. I wish to continue doing this in order 
to create, inspire and innovate with each project I tackle. As a child, 
I was surrounded by things that inspired me day in and day out.
 Anything from television shows, movies, music, cartoons, they all pushed 
me into the creative field. I now look forward to do the same, to inspire the future generations, 
create that emotion and fire that pushes all of us to break boundaries. And the best 
way to do this is by innovating what was given to us by the past generation.
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